Modernist Mid-century Chess Set


A unique and one-off  Modernist Mid-century Chess Set and board. All in good vintage condition.

A unique and one-off  Modernist Mid-century Chess Set and board. This set is superbly made and a has the look and feel of a small studio production but we have been unable to attribute a maker or designer as yet. We love vintage and antique chess sets here at The Vintage Hub and we are always on the lookout for unusual sets such as this one.

The pieces are all in good condition and I especially like the design of the Knights and the Rooks. All the pieces fit neatly into the underside of the board in a satin lined storage area which has obviously helped to keep them in the condition they are in over the years.

The wooden board is also in a good vintage condition and the size ratio between the pieces and the board is perfect for playability which is ultimately what they are designed for.

Overall as mid-century chess sets go this is a really good one and well priced in my opinion.

The size makes this an easy item to ship anywhere in the world at a reasonable cost too.


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