Privacy Policy



Shipping these days is pretty simple and it is something that we are good at. We have shipped pieces of furniture all over the world. It can take a little time to get shipping quotes as most deliveries are different. Ireland and the UK are easy and generally take under an hour to quote. Mainland Europe, the USA and the Rest of the world take a little longer but generally less than 24 hours.

We do not charge anything for shipping or wrapping the pieces and therefore we try to get the best quote and for this reason we often do not have a shipping price on the website with the piece. Please do not let this stop you from contacting us and asking for a quote. We are on your side and we will go out to bat for you and get the best possible deal going. Once we have booked the shipping then you can rest assured that communication will be good, the packaging will be excellent and we will stick 100% with the process until we know you are happy.

If you are reading this and you are thinking about one of our pieces then please take this opportunity to email me and ask for a shipping quote. I believe you will be pleasantly surprised.

If I have missed anything and you have further questions about shipping then please call me on the number below or email me at [email protected]